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How can I get actual live human help for a potential scam

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How can I get actual live human help for a potential scam

Someone has clearly sent a scam payment to my account, though I don't understand how they intend to use it. The payment lists the name of my etsy account, but names an item I sold like 6 months ago on my ebay account, which is under a different name. This item was NEVER on my etsy and I sold it long ago. Also, neither etsy nor ebay is linked to the payment. It's just some dude's gmail account, and paypal is prompting me to print a shipping label(which of course, I would have to pay for).

Anyway this problem does not fall under any of paypal's preset issues and this website will not allow to me to dispute it because it is a payment. And I can't get a human being on the phone. I understand they don't want to pay actual people and want to make it impossible for you to get past their robo garbage, but this is clearly an issue I cannot just magically make go away by clicking a few things saying it's a fraudulent transaction. Does anyone know what I should do?


Re: How can I get actual live human help for a potential scam

Hey BetteL29,


That definitely sounds like a strange situation. I would advise refunding the payment, as you wouldn't be responsible for sending anything if the transaction is cancelled due to a refund being issued. This way, the buyer can't file a dispute against the transaction for you not sending anything (since you didn't even sell anything to this sender). I hope this information helps!


- Ashley M

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