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How Do I appeal a closed case decision

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How Do I appeal a closed case decision

How can I appeal a closed Paypal case.  

I purchased an item (a Legal Microsoft Windows 2010 Key code) from a seller, and he delivered the code to me via email. I input the code and it was invalid. I asked for a refund and received no reply. Then I went into a dispute with paypal and said the item delivered was not the correct one because I ordered a valid key code, and what was given was not real. It took paypal 45 days with no contact from the seller to decide that the seller had provided me exactly what I ordered and that they are denying my claim.  This with Screenshots showing that the code was invalid and not legal. 


This is not right. I provided proof that I ordered a legal copy of something, and I was given an illegal non functioning product. Yet paypal denied my claim.