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How Do I Delete A LOCKED Account??? HELP!!!

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How Do I Delete A LOCKED Account??? HELP!!!

I have contacted customer service by phone already, the lady and man both told me they couldn't delete my account. I wanna know WHY in the heck can't I have my account locked down?? I feel so bad for everyone else who has a locked account having their private information basically robbed by paypal itself, keeping it there - I even explained to the lady on the phone that my account can be hacked into she kept telling me the same excuse "nobody will be able to use the account, the information won't be stolen" , i dont' believe that because I have researched that people's locked account do get their personal information stolen from.


Anyway, after she kept pushing that same bullcrap excuse to justify paypal literally stealing your personal information, hackers can hack into the account basically grab anything on there without paypal knowing because once your account is closed like this i realized that paypal won't give a damn at all. Seriously this is one of the main reasons i despise paypal, i have already tried to change my email address, removing it and my home address but these jerks do NOT allow you to do this; really unfair **bleep**, the least you could do is allow the people to remove those types of personal information not force keep it on there especially if you have a damn active credit card which i probably know people had gone through this annoying frustrating situation that i am having here.

If anyone can PLEASE tell me if there is a way to delete a locked account least tell me something...

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Re: How Do I Delete A LOCKED Account??? HELP!!!



You can't close a permanently limited account, paypal limit it to stop you doing so, so that you don't try and open another on with any of those account details on another paypal account.

No one can 'use' a limited paypal account so can't be hacked. 

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