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Hotel reservation ends in Trespassing


Hotel reservation ends in Trespassing

Hi PayPal Community, Do you think I am eligible for Buyer Protection w Paypal? I made a two day hotel reservation that sadly ended 12hours into the 48 hours stay. My baby and I were removed from this hotel because I requested to be moved rooms due to a infestation of roaches. The hotel had the cops trespass us for leaving to first room in a disarray they claimed. All I did was leave the couch moved out from the wall about a foot to reveal the number of dead bugs being eaten by their like. Melbourne All Suites refused to issue any sort of reimbursement or prorate. Unsuccessful attempts have been made to contact the online company Agoda. Can anything be done?

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Re: Hotel reservation ends in Trespassing



You can always open a dispute for ''service not as described'' and see if paypal can help you OR if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then contact your card issuer and see if they will chargeback for you.

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