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Hold on my account

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Hold on my account

I have had this acount holding my money in it for almost 2 years they told me a 180 days and I can withdraw my money how can I get my money off this account so I can foreclose it this it's the most stupid amount I've ever had and ran buy a bunch of people sitting around with a thub up there **bleep** and aren't any kind of help I'm sure they have a few 10 year old kids that or more intelligent and comprehend English then more then 75% of your staff can I keep getting the run around about my money if I can not get any help with this or my money transferred from this account I will move forward with my lawyer and get a court date and sew yall for trying to hold my money
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Re: Hold on my account



Guess as you can't politely ask for advice you go speak to your lawyer?

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.