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This was my 1st time to use PayPal! The seller took payment I did not receive my package. I tracked package. I even talked to lady at UPS that confirmed this package wasn't mine. But PayPal has denied me a refund. Said the seller sent them confirmation package was signed for. Well ofcourse it was! It was a package that was ordered from Amazon by A1 dental and shipped to A1. But some how the seller got this package tracking number and made it mine. I am not an online shopper but thought this deal was too good to pass up. They got me. Please help me what do I need to do to prove to PayPal I'm not in the wrong!

Re: Help

Hi @Esp02,


I'm sorry to hear that this was your first experience using PayPal. I know how frustrating it can be to not receive what you paid for. If the seller provided invalid tracking information, please follow the steps here to appeal your claim in the Resolution Center: This will allow a representative to take a closer look into this for you.


I do hope this is resolved for you quickly!