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I have a pair of hiking boots less  than 2 moths old and I cannot work out how to contact the seller as the boots are coming apart form very minimal wear

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If the seller doesn't have a website with contact info, you may email them at the their PayPal email address found in the original transaction details.


If no response, you may open a dispute to start a dialog and come to a resolution with the seller in the first 20 days, however be forewarned that if the dispute is escalated to a claim for PayPal to step in to make a ruling, and due to the nature of your issue, there's a possibility PayPal might not rule in your favor because buyer protection does not provide a guarantee/warranty on the goods sold, that's something the seller has to resolve for you.


In other words, it is in your best interest to come to a resolution with the seller within the dispute phase particularly if the nature of your issue, item, or service isn't eligible for PayPal buyer protection.


Your back up plan would be that if you paid with credit card, you may dispute it with them, should PayPal dispute falls through.

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