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Help with a refund


Help with a refund

can anyone advise me I bought a dvd player from ebay Argos for Christmas it was broken but could not return it to the store I collected it from because of lockdown I was told I could return it for refund after lockdown ended and that I would have 30 days to return it after lockdown ended it was returned Friday and was told it would take 2 working days for refund but its Tuesday and still no refund went back to Argos got told it could take 21 days and if I have any problems contact paypal but it is not showing up on my paypal account as a pending refund or anything and have had no emails from paypal like i normally do when a refund has been started. Thanks

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Re: Help with a refund



Paypal process refunds once made, if they have not been made then you won't see a refund on your paypal account.

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