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Help with Dispute...

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Help with Dispute...

We are a small animal rescue nonprofit - new to PayPal and need HELP.  PayPal is declining our dispute.  

We bought a product using PayPal.

The warranty on the website from the company says 60 day money back guarantee

The product arrived

The product stopped working after 2 weeks.

We asked the company to exchange it.  They said no.  (we are still in the 60 day window, Plus they have a 1 year warranty)

We asked for the mailing address to return it for a refund.  They said no.

Submitted ALL the emails and web site guarantee to PayPal....they said - According to our records, YOU RECEIVED the product so we are declining your case.  

WHAT??  PLEASE HELP!  Thank you... @disputespro 

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Re: Help with Dispute...



Did you open a dispute citing 'item received but not as described'?

If so then paypal does not cover quality of an item so if you ordered a product and received that product then you would be unlikely to be covered unless it was materially different from advertised.


Any warranty is between you and the seller but a warranty is pretty much useless as it can't be enforced if you purchased internationally?

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