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Help regarding getting a refund


Help regarding getting a refund

I need some advice as to how to fix my situation. I commissioned an artist back on June 26th for a character to be drawn; I haven’t received any updates ever since I asked for one on July 28th. This said person has also decided to leave social media as well, not updating their commissioners. The advice i’m asking for is: What should I do? I decided to make a dispute and wanting to make it into a claim (because they dipped) because I didn’t receive my product. I’m not sure if claims will provide my refund or are guaranteed. I’m also interested in doing a chargeback, but I don’t have any background knowledge of them either. What should I do in this situation? Thank you for any responses.
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Re: Help regarding getting a refund



How did you pay ie which paypal option did you select or did he send you a money request?

How did you fund the paypal payment?

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