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Help needed about Paypal refunds.


Help needed about Paypal refunds.



Exactly 6 months and 9 days ago I bought something from China through eBay.

It arrived about 2 months later. After I used it twice, it broke.

I'm pretty sure it's like some demonstration model, or wasn't meant to be used at all because it would break for anyone who used it. It's hard to describe but things like that shouldn't really be sold to people. And I only found this out a few days ago.

So, I'm looking for a refund. Am I eligible for one? I understand that Paypal doesn't offer refunds after 6 months but the delivery to my country Australia took about 2 months.  Does that get accounted for or not?


If Paypal can't help are there any other ways to get a refund?



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Re: Help needed about Paypal refunds.



Sadly not, you can open a dispute up to 180 days, this is the same time frame that most credit cards give you.

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