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Help - my account has been limited with no reasons as to why?


Help - my account has been limited with no reasons as to why?

I got an email on Saturday 13th March at 03:21am


" You can no longer use our services. Because you have continually filed cases that do not align with the intent of the PayPal Purchase Protection Program and are contrary to the terms outlined in our User Agreement, we’ve determined you can no longer use PayPal’s services. We’ve limited your account so you can no longer send or receive funds. Your ability to file PayPal Purchase Protection cases has also been removed. Any existing PayPal Purchase Protection cases you've filed will be denied.

For information on account limitations, please refer to the PayPal User Agreement. To find out what to do next, log in to your PayPal account and visit the Resolution Centre."


I really don't understand where this has come from. I use my PayPal for some day-to-day purchases, I'm not a business seller. I don't have funds in my PayPal account, I'm more concerned about what's happened and why.


This is quite distressing that they've put a limitation on my account without giving any reason why, nor have they provided me with any steps to resolve this. 


Please help resolve this.