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Help me


Help me

i am member for more than 5 years and Already link my paypal with credit card and bank account.made a lot transaction before mainly received payment and transfer to my bank account,a few days ago i was trying to transfer fund to my friend but it said i can't was my first time transfer fund to my friend. i tried so many times and today when i tried again it said something is wrong with my account,i don't know if my account limited or not but there is notification at top of my paypal said my access to my account was limited .

so my question is why i can't transfer to my friend?

i was not able to transfer even 1$ and the paypal won't let me transfer at all

and then why my account limited?there is no notification in my email said my account limited,i am confused?

i tried to contact support ticket but i can't because the support controlled by the bot and the bot don't let me submit support ticket.

support ticket disabled can't send anything

i am very disappointed can't send support and when i read from this forum ,there is no one answer the phone call because of the covid,then who can help me????

very disappointed member for 5 years and you treated me like this.

i am from indonesia