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Help! I need info on how to successfully sue paypal!


Help! I need info on how to successfully sue paypal!

Good Afternoon,

I finally got all my transactions going back to 2012 from Paypal. 

Now, i had to cancel orders due to being litterally 20.00 total short and them refusing to work with me! (The sellers.). Paypal went in over 15 times and took out money that wasnt there, causing many nsf charges as well now, thus when getting paid, the bank took the overdraft amount and also the nsf fees to the point i had to close my account there at that bank. Paypal got the money, the bank took my money which totalled over 1,000.00 when finished and i never recieved anything from the sellers despite them being paid!

How do i force paypal to return the money they stole and the nsf fees or, give me everything i ordered that paypal gave the money to them. (The sellers admitted paypal paid them from the money taken from my acccount and yet, i never recieved a thing and did and still can prove it as i screenshot everything and copy everything...? Someone please help! I can really use the 1,000.00 plus owed to me or, the items i bought via paypal paying them out of the money taken out of my account which is worth over 1 million dollars just in ONE of the paper bills i purchased. The seller didnt know what they were selling and i didnt realize the value of the bill until i looked it up.