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Help , I got scammed


Help , I got scammed

Hi , Guys. sorry if my English is awful (Im not native english speaker) but I really need help. I got scammed by buyer

I sold my game account to this guy. we talked to each other before we made a deal. he sent me 250 USD (the price Im asking for) and then I gave him my account. after that, around 8-10 days ago IIRC. I got a chargeback from PP. they said the transaction  was unauthorized and wasnt edigible for PP seller protection (I know.. I know but still...) and from what I've read in the internet. seems like PP always protect these buyer scammers.

anyway to get my money back
? I have all the evidences such as chat history (in discord) or even the facebook (my game account was linked to FB. so, I can check where he login)

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Re: Help , I got scammed



As they stated there is no paypal seller protection for virtual / digital content, you can sell them but sadly at your own risk.

Very high risk to use paypal for those types of transactions really.


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