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Have I been scammed and what do I do now?

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Have I been scammed and what do I do now?



Someone asked to buy something from me on instagram and wanted to do Paypal F&F. They accidentally sent me £127.50 instead of £27.50. As an honest person I sent that money back but via a different Paypal account because thats what they buyer asked. I send the parcel and the a couple days it got sent back to me with 'unknown address' on it. I said this to they buyer and she said she just wanted a full refund minus the P&P price. This morning I wake up to a case saying it was an un authorised transaction and asking for £114 back and not even the full amount of £127.50. I replied back to the case that I send a refund but because the buyer asked me to send it to another account I don't know who Paypal will be in favour of. What should I do?


Re: Have I been scammed and what do I do now?

Hi @natalieclarkk and welcome, 


I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you. As you mentioned you refunded using a different account be sure to add this to the case and the email address and the transaction ID of the refund. Once we can see that they have already been refunded you will have nothing to worry about. 


I hope this helps,