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Had to reenter my debit card, and lost my money.


Had to reenter my debit card, and lost my money.

I sent this message to support, but I got no reply yet. So I will post it here.


I need help. I bought some stuff on Amazon. I then went to Paypal to see if the transaction went thru. The payment had not yet been sent. So I kept the page open, and I looked at some other stuff on the web. When I came back, I had to reenter my password. I had some trouble at first. But when I got back in, my debit card was gone, and it said I had 0.00 funds in. I had to reenter my debit card. But the money on there is gone. I had a little bit more than $340.00 Might be $346.00. But not sure. Can somebody there help me out. I didn't click on any links in email. I used history. I don't have to enter my password, or anything. If I want to go to a website I have been before, I just click on history, or favorites. 


I put over $200.00 on it last month. Will I get my money back? I spent about $67.00 last night, so I know that I had enough money. I just keep webpages open, so I can keep viewing. I don't use Paypal that ofthen.