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Hacked on paypal wont refund

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Hacked on paypal wont refund

So at 3PM someone hacked my paypal somehow even tho i do change my password 6 times a year just because of safety and because i've lost a lot before on other platforms. 

A total of 20.00EURO and 19.99EURO was used on a dating app called Badoo. And a lot more on other stuff that i did get refunded. 


I filed for a ticket and they denied my refund claim. I've even contacted badoo support on email and im considering calling them aswell.. 

Can someone please help me understand why this is happening and what happened.


Re: Hacked on paypal wont refund

Hello @lukacvijetic,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear your dispute was recently denied, I can understand how concerning this is. When a transaction is reported as unauthorized, we look for several things that would indicate the transaction was in fact unauthorized. During this investigation period, if we are unable to find sufficient evidence that shows it was unauthorized, we most likely will close the claim and not refund the transaction. 


Reaching out to the merchant next to see if they can process a refund isn't a bad idea. Next, we recommend reaching out to your funding source to see what options they may be able to offer. 


I hope this helps a bit, have a great day!


 - Jon K

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Re: Hacked on paypal wont refund

The same thing happened to me on October 27, 2019. Someone hacked my account and sent themselves 5 payments of $199 USD. total amount Canadian was $1,350. I immediately told PayPal and they said they would stop the payments. 3 days later, PayPal takes all my money and let’s it send to the hackers, and now they won’t refund my money. I’m out so much money and they are acting incredibly sketchy. Very concerning for a large company... they won’t even get back to me.