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Hacked and used to buy facebook advertising


Hacked and used to buy facebook advertising

Good afternoon

Just looking for some help on what to do, Was hacked on facebook and somehow paypal as well they purchased $500 worth of advertising for random pages and Instagrams


Rung Paypal - they said go online to the Resolution Center.


Went to Resolution Center - receive generic email saying they will not help, "We've reviewed your unauthorised activity case, and determined that there was no unauthorised use of your PayPal account. The payment reported in this case was sent as part of a billing agreement you previously set up with the merchant. As a result, we've closed this case."

Even though there was no previous billing agreement it was setup and paid for straight away.


Go back to Resolution Center - Case is closed can not contact them about anything.


Have rung banks and canceled all cards, with fraud investigations being opened, have contacted Facebook to say the same thing...


How do i contact paypal and get some one real to look into this and not some bs automatic response.