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Hacked and loss around 600USD


Hacked and loss around 600USD

The incident occurred around 10 pm MYT, when a transaction is made by Gage <removed>. paypal 1.PNG

Both invoice description are steam gift cards. paypal 5.PNGpaypal 6.PNG

He even tried to change my password!

paypal 4.PNG

I hope that paypal could take action as i already open a filed a report and hopefully get my funds back.


Re: Hacked and loss around 600USD

I was hacked this morning as well. 
He managed to sign into my account and then changed the email over to my secondary gmail email on file and then accessed that email and made $500 in transactions...PP denied my dispute telling me they were authorized when they were not...I was sleeping at the time!



Re: Hacked and loss around 600USD




Hi there, 


Thank you for your posts and welcome to the Community Forum!


If you see unauthorised transactions on your PayPal account, you can report them from your Resolution Centre by clicking 'Report a Problem'. Then, please make sure to change your password and security questions from the 'Security' tab of your settings in order to restore the safety of your account. 


I hope this helps!