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Hacked account PP support not helpfull

New Community Member

Hacked account PP support not helpfull

My GF just got a paypal email saying her PP account email had been changed, she did not initiate this change and shes freaking out that how ever hacked it is going to charge her bank account. She tried to call Payal but its outside the 8am-8pm time frame. Messanger service has the same time restraints. Shes completely freaking out and there is litteraly nothing much we can do, i feel this is really poor form on paypals front leaving people completely defenseless with thousands of dollar in the air. Good job

Re: Hacked account PP support not helpfull

Hello @Fett89,


I cannot apologize enough for your girlfriend's experience. If she still needs assistance with this, she is more than welcome to contact us on both Facebook and Twitter (@AskPayPal) outside of normal hours. They will be happy to help her back into the account and file claims on any unauthorized activity. 


My apologies again and thank you.