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HSN bad seller


HSN bad seller

I made a purchase, and cancelled within an hour. They said Too Late, can’t stop Order. Week later box arrives. I sent email asking for return authorization and label. No response in inbox. After 3 more days nothing, so I take unopened box to UPS, pay tracking freight to HSN.  HSN once they receive my tracking notice and info, then denies to refund my $33.02 claiming they sent email week prior. I didn’t open box, all sealed with HSN tape. HSN lied about email with Return Instructions and refuses to refund my costs so they get free ride on my bill. Any suggestions other than just avoid HSN when Order was placed bt

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Re: HSN bad seller



Paypal covers you for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described, they don't cover 'changed my mind'.

You can 'try' filing for not as described and provide the tracking number to prove you returned it and hope paypal find in your favour.

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