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Got scammed hard

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So I joined as a guest. Bought a tv. Tv never showed up but got taken out of my actual bank account. This person has no disappeared off the face of the earth. The order confirmation says this guy doesn’t exist. Please please please tell me how I can get my money back. I’ve got fed ex labels that aren’t even me. I’ve got a fake name that went along with labels. How can I get pay pal to send me my money back?!

Got scammed hard

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If you bought something online with a debit or credit card and didn't log into your Paypal account then of course it won't show on that Paypal account because you bought as a guest buyer.

You don't have Paypal buyer protection cover as a guest buyer but you can contact customer services and they may be able to assist you by reaching out to the seller for you.
So If you need help for a guest buyer transaction then you can;

1. Phone Paypal customer services and see if they will help you.
2. Contact your card issuer for a chargeback.

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