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Got Permanently Limited, out of no where, what to do?


Got Permanently Limited, out of no where, what to do?

I started on an online business and placed my first order for samples from a vendor in Vietnam, the amount is US$76.00. I tried to send money to them using Send by Email. After I enter the vendor's email and recipient origin, not only did I not get any further, I got a notice on the screen that the account is permanently limit and "...this decision cannot be overturned".

Why is this service like this?


What are my solutions and how do I cure this? I have two credit cards on file, one specifically for "business". Very frustrating.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? 

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Re: Got Permanently Limited, out of no where, what to do?



You need to contact customer services to resolve any limitation OR account specific issues.
Click help / contact bottom left of Paypal pages for options available for your country.

Or have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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Re: Got Permanently Limited, out of no where, what to do?

Yes, I contacted support by message and I included images of my supplier invoice I was trying remit plus a screenshot of the lock out. Then I received an automated response saying I should take all the steps that I have already taken. I tried calling but I was left on perma-hold. I then replied to their reply on the message asking for human agent review because this is an AI algo matter, I think I fell out of their metrics somehow. It has been 3 days, I have not heard back. 

I wish there were more resources devoted to expand the human element in the support organization. AI can only go so far with its binary processes, the 1's and the 0's. Humans are analog, the decimal that defines us, in between the 1's and the 0's, is infinite.

I will try to call them again for human intervention.  Thank you for your response.


Re: Got Permanently Limited, out of no where, what to do?

Quick update.

I finally reached a human representative who was very-very helpful and empathetic to my situation; I had the impression that this happens a lot and he has seen this repeatedly. Unfortunately, he was powerless to reverse what has happened citing a systemic implementation that is without recourse. My account is gone and closed. He cited probable causes as my "handle" or nick name I am using in the account but I pointed out that I sign in with my real email account in addition to PayPal having two authenticated credit cards, my verified bank account, home address, mailing address, and personal unlisted phone number. The representative was unable to explain further considering my authentication except again citing this was an AI implementation based on certain metrics that I somehow fell out of after SIXTEEN YEARS.

I am happy to report that the representative did propose a solution which I have taken steps towards and it seem to be working out. This morning I received an email from the system that I have a response to my 2nd email in the closed account, when I tried to sign on I could not, after six 2FA's on my phone I logged in by changing my password. The email was to call them for solutions with an assigned priority code. I did so, and I am in queue for a call back because the wait time is beyond an hour.

This is probably my last update on the account, unless if I feel motivated enough to sign on again repeatedly and change a password again and all that. I just want to close by saying I think PayPal is a cool product integral to ecommerce so pervasive now in our culture and economy. However, since this IS a people-oriented product, there should be HUMANS involved in decisions such as closing long time customers' accounts using machine metrics without  human review and with methods that the support team do not understand. I believe neither Elon <Removed> nor Bill <Removed>would approve of this practice.

This is the dystopia that our society is dangerously moving towards, a machine or AI based control environment, in which we are mere subjects, and not real citizens with privacy, legal rights and human privileges.