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Got Money via Friends&Family. Then paypal takes money back

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Got Money via Friends&Family. Then paypal takes money back

Got Money via Friends&Family. Buyer got the item (tracked parcel). 2 weeks later money is taken away by paypal because buyer says unauthorized account use. Buyer has expensive item and money now.

You and me think:

1) Family&Friend money cannot be taken away

HAHAHA - See this is PayPal reality:

Anyone can buy things and later say unauthorized account use and gets immediately the family&friends money back.

This happened to me and it seems to me that PayPal helps those criminals.

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Re: Got Money via Friends&Family. Then paypal takes money back



Its against Paypal rules to sell and accept friends / family payments, this is because you are evading paying your Paypal fees and trying to negate a buyers protection.


Whilst a buyer can't file a Paypal dispute for 'non receipt' OR 'item received but not as described' as they don't have 'buyer protection' they CAN file disputes for 'unauthorised transaction' OR do a 'chargeback' via their card issuer and YOU would have no 'seller protection' as you sold using the friends / family option. HAHAHA this is Paypal reality.


You also risk your Paypal account being suspended for using that option to sell goods.


An unauthorised transaction means an account holders paypal account has been hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer, if that is true then the account holder would be refunded BUT you would be covered by 'seller protection' ......however you negated your own seller protection and lost your money as you sold goods against Paypal rules using the friends / family option.

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