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Google play scam


Google play scam

So I called PayPal’s customer service due to a suspected fraudulent merchant trying to buy an item from me online. They said the merchant was fraud and now they have access to all of my information and I had to buy, I kid you not, Google Play gift card worth $100. I told him that makes no sense, why would that help me? He stated that they needed the numbers off the back of the card to help block the merchant. They also said the money would be refunded to me. I asked to speak with a manager and she then stated they could not refund a $100 card, but they could for $500. Like how dumb do they think I am? This is their customer service straight up stealing money from people. WTF is going on with PayPal?
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Re: Google play scam



Its a scam number.
That was not paypal that you called it was a FAKE number pretending to be paypal customer services.

I guess you got that number either via google OR a scammer posting a thread in this forum.
Most times the threads get reported and removed but some slip through.

You can tell them because they post genuine advice but the phone number in a strange format to get around paypals security.
That is why paypal NEVER post their phone number on this forum.

The only way to get the REAL paypal customer services number is via help / contact bottom left of paypal pages and scrolling down past the FAQ to hit the 'call us' option to phone them by logging in and getting a code.

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Re: Google play scam

Thank you for letting me know. I did get the customer service number from google. Yesterday was a mess with scammers, one after the other. I've never had a deal with scammers before, but dang that was awful. I could hear a lot of people in the background on the phone too, so I know there were many other people that were being scammed yesterday. It's just sad this happens to people. Scammers are pathetic.