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Goods NOT as described plus length of delivery

New Community Member

Goods NOT as described plus length of delivery

I purchased two battery powered chainsaws for a total of $97.66 on the 8th August 2020

Payment was taken out of my paypal account on the 10th August 2020

As the months ticked on I hadn't received my goods so I initiated a dispute with paypal to get my money back.

They said it would be finalized soon and they kept putting back the date. Last one was to be finalized on the 27th Nov 2020

Today I received my order however to my dismay the two items I ordered weren't what I ordered?

They sent me two chains with a webbing strap at each end. I have pictures of the items I ordered and they aren't even close.

I shall attach my order pictures and what I actually received. Paypal won't allow me to message them in reference to this dispute. How am I to proceed? I mean this crowd took my money 2 days after I bought the items and I have been waiting for over two and a half months to receive some crap that doesn't even come close to what I ordered.

stihl chainsaw ordered.JPGIMG20201119180450.jpg