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God Awful Dispute Conclusion on a Potential Scam

New Community Member

God Awful Dispute Conclusion on a Potential Scam

I ordered the knitted green one. I received the very different, quite unattractive pink one of different material, design, and size.

The seller said they ran out of the one I ordered. I told them to cancel my order. They didn't. They still charged me and sent what I didn't order. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a scam from the beginning. The seller stopped replying to me and cut other technical support lines they had.

PayPal denied my refund request. "Not significantly different". It doesn't matter if the only the off was the color, they should not have sent me this on principle.

The seller is UREASHI PTE LTD

The seller's website (the product page was taken down)

Is there any avenue for reopening closed disputes?


What I orderedWhat I orderedWhat I receivedWhat I received