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Getting refund

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Getting refund

I ordered a doorbell for 267 Euro at yoobang Shop with aliexpress. The parts was Not like discribed. I sent it back in time to a given Adress in Germany, but i did not get refund. I opened a dispute, but still i get no refund. Now i have no parts and no money. They closed the dispute. After closing the dispute i get no contact to alipay.
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Re: Getting refund



Did you open a dispute for item received but not as described?

Did you escalate to a claim?

Did you win?

Did paypal tell you to return the item?

Did you return it to the return depot address (rather than the sending/ordering address that paypal would have supplied once you won the dispute)?

Did you provide paypal with the tracking number to prove delivery of the item back to the seller (paypal always tell you to send back trackable and provide them with tracking number not just proof you posted it).

Did you activate the 'return shipping on us' link in your paypal account to get help with return postage costs?


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