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Getting ready to tell paypal to shove it.

New Community Member

Getting ready to tell paypal to shove it.

So I use PayPal so I can make it easier but their so-called protection from fraudulent people and business twice I got fcked over the first time because I refused to take a partial refund PayPal denied it. So I got **bleep** twice once by the company and at the same time by PayPal. that one cost me 140 bucks and I got a fake ring, not the portable booster pack I ordered.

This time I ordered a desk and got a cheap toothbrush and again they offer partial payment. Which I declined again. if PayPal denies it again I will no longer use PayPal for anything my bank has offered me a cc that I can use for online transactions. and if I don't get what I ordered I can tell them they will reverse charges right away.  Let's face it if I have no protection from Paypal why would I continue to use them.


So let's see how this goes.