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Futile dispute process


Futile dispute process

Absolutely horrible experience. I've been dealing with PayPal for over a month now on an open and shut case and it's been like talking to a brick wall. I ordered an item online, the transaction details page clearly shows my whole address, the shipper sends a package to my town (no address, just the city), PayPal sides with the seller saying welp "it was delivered." What does it matter that it was delivered? Would you be fine with it if you ordered something and it was delivered across town to some random address and you never got it? Would you say, that makes sense, it was delivered after all. Guess I'll just buy another one and cross my fingers it actually goes the address on the transaction details page, mine. I've talked with many folks at PayPal and not one of them can understand that. They just keep responding like a robot that "it was delivered sir," "sir, I'm sorry, but it was delivered." Can't reach a single person who isn't reading from a teleprompter. I was even asked to provide proof from the USPS. I uploaded the proof several times (a USPS internal printout, even states "intranet" on top of the page) showing delivery to a specific (not mine) address across town. Uploaded it several times. PayPal keeps closing the case stating "package was delivered." Again, who cares! It WAS NOT delivered to the SHIP TO address. The last person stated that they even put a note on the case saying to not close the case until my USPS proof was reviewed. Guess, what? Case immediately closed again. Package was delivered. REALLY!? Watch out ya'll. ZERO BUYER PROTECTION. ONLY IN FAVOR OF THE SELLER. The seller is a crook by the way. I ordered a timber jack (47" long piece of metal used to roll and jack logs), and the USPS document shows the weight as 1 ounce. The seller sent a first class letter to a random address in my city just so it could show as received knowing PayPal's broken process and policy to only support the seller and funds get released to seller. It isn't that PayPal doesn't know this is happening; how can you not, they are knowingly supporting it. I can say that because I have since seen many more situations the same as mine, no delivery, in favor of the seller. They know it is happing. My only option next was to try to at least shut the seller down so others do not get taken, so I reported them to the FBI IC3, Internet Crimes Center. Of course since PayPal is playing a role in this scam, not just incompetence/we didn't know, but actively, I made sure to include said role in my report. Here is the address should anyone else need it

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Re: Futile dispute process



I suggest opening a case with under PayPal San Jose CA to get PayPal Office of Executive Escalations to review your dispute.


TIP: In the complaint, be objective, outlining the facts and try to keep emotion out of it or say something like I am upset at getting the runaround...and then go into the facts of the case. You can also file a case of mail fraud with the USPS and police report, including those too.

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