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Funds on hold

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Funds on hold

I was sent money by a friend yesterday. The funds 

show up on my PayPal account but are on hold. It was not for goods or services but he sent it as service, I guess so as not to pay the 3% fee on his end. I can't access the funds and have talked to a rep, which took forever, ( 1:20 min, riduculos!!!) Told them its not for goods/services but they say they will have to verify??? I have updated they asked for like photo ID and reason for account hold. They are still saying this will take days to lift the hold. How can I expedite this?????  

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Re: Funds on hold



You can't really, if he sent it as a service then mark the payment as processed and your friend 'may' get the option to use a confirm receipt button on his side, if he does then funds may be released earlier, but this is not guaranteed and you may have to wait 21 days. 

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