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Funds on hold... second time in 90 days? Nonsense...


Funds on hold... second time in 90 days? Nonsense...

Hello Everyone,


I am a consultant. I sell my time as a labor expense. I do not ship products, I am not an ebay business.


I used PayPal to get paid by clients in the past and it was never an issue, even with large dollar value transactions.


Fast forward to 90 days ago and now it's a huge issue. I had to send a photo ID, copy of invoice, business letterhead and some other document. All in all it took almost a month, and about ten calls to PayPal to complete this aggravating process...


Now, same person pays me again, and EXACT SAME ISSUE.


Call center is not helpful. No one gives me a clear explanation of anything. I get "OK we will expedite through the "Back Office" again and again.


Meanwhile PayPal keeps my huge fee and makes interest on high-dollar values held in my account that I can not access. 


Seriously, how many of you are happy with being consultants, and get paid on-time through PayPal and what trick did you pull to be a satisfied customer?