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Friends and Family Payment for a goods transaction

New Community Member

Friends and Family Payment for a goods transaction

I was going to buy some dolls off gumtree so I messaged the seller and they said they can do PayPal payments but only in the “friends and family” payments. What are the rules on this? Is it against the terms and conditions to ask for f&f payments for goods and services? I know it’s not a good idea but does it actually go against the terms and conditions?


thank you

PayPal Employee

Re: Friends and Family Payment for a goods transaction

Hi @Cailly. Thanks for reaching Community Forum! If you are paying for goods, item or services, make sure to send it as payment for good and services. Family and friends transaction is not covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. This family and friends payment is literally like a "Gift", once you send it, you cannot dispute it under any circumstances. I don't recomment that you purse this transaction to this type of seller as most seller which has no good record do this so they can get away from responsibility and possible dispute or complaints. Hope this helps! Stay safe! If you find this or any other post was helpful, make our community better by giving kudos or accepting it as a solution.