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Fraudulent activity ??

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Fraudulent activity ??

Ive just noticed a few weird entries/purchases on my account. They were all around 2am. A couple for Groupon €39 & €36 then others saying I had paid a charge of $50 US God knows what is going on. I also had a text message at 1.30am saying my account was suspended etc etc, clicked the link but didn't input any of the details they wanted, as wasn't sure if it was kosher. What am I gonna do????

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Re: Fraudulent activity ??



If the transactions are actually showing in your paypal account transaction history then click on the transactions and use the 'report a problem' link at the bottom of that details page to say there were unauthorised.


Then do a virus scan on your computer and change your Paypal password / security questions.


I would also inform your funding sources ie cards / bank accounts so they can keep an eye on those accounts for you.

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