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Fraudulent activity by the seller


Fraudulent activity by the seller

I purchased iphone on eBay for $489.99 from a seller operating from Serbia. After 5-6 days, the seller, instead of sending the iphone, send me $120 and requested for a favour to transfer this amount to his supplier in his payPal account. I requested him to properly mention in seller's note. He sent another $5 & again $1 with clear request in the seller's note that out of the $126, transfer $115 to his supplier in his payPal account at his risk. I did it as per his request. After two days he send $150 mentioning in the seller's note that this is apology for buyer's waiting. Again after two days he send $200 with the request to send to his same supplier but clearly mentioned in seller's note that this amount will remain out of claim in case the same is made against me by the buyer. I got suspicious and did not transfer the money. I raised dispute with the Resolution Centre.

After waiting for ten days, teh case was decided in my favour and $13.99 were created to my account. The Resolution team considered all the funds as refund in my account. I requested to reopen the case and send them all the screen shots of seller's note for consideration. But the case again closed on the very next day with the same verdict. I was not provided any judgement to analyse what went wrong on my part. I suffered a loss of $115. Every representative who attended my calls at payPal understood my case except the Resolution Team.

In the circumstances when seller has never intimated any Tracking ID and I am sure he never shipped the item, I would like to know:

1. Is it the right way to refund the money in parts as done by the seller in above case?

2. Are the seller's note with all the transactions should not be considered by the Resolution Team?

3. Is there any Appellate Authority of payPal where the matter be put up and appeal can be made for thorough investigation of the case? 

4. What should I do now?

5. Whom should I approach?