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Fraudulent Transactions

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Fraudulent Transactions

Hello, first of all I am not a Paypal user and do not have an account. Thank god I don't because they have the worst customer service and the only way I could get a hold of someone through email is by creating an account. What is up with that!  Someone has created a paypal account using my business bank account information and therefor resulting fraudulent transactions as ACH PAYPAL withdraws resulting in a loss of $4255.31. I was given a claim number and told that we would be reimbursed. I called today to check the status of our refund Rudy ( Paypal limitation dept.) stated that we do not get a refund and this is not Paypals error. How can this be?? When someone places a charge on my credit card that is not my charge the credit card issue me a refund. Paypal needs to go after the person who used our account fraudulently. Can someone please give me a physical address where I can send a letter to? I can't believe they will not refund our money and go after the person who set up an account and used our bank information. Why did the first customer service rep tell me we will be refunded and the second rep said no. Any suggestions on what I need to do.



Re: Fraudulent Transactions



how can someone create a paypal acount using your bank routing and account number?


because for that paypal account to be connected to your bank account, that someone has to verify 2 small deposit on the bank account (the value of the deposit, usually in cents such as $0.24 and $0.36)



so for the ACH fraud to happen, it must be someone that has access to your account