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Fraudulent Transaction - £1600


Fraudulent Transaction - £1600

Hi, On Saturday night (22/08) I had two transactions of £850 and £750 wrongly taken out of my bank account. The first had tried two of my bank accounts but both were rejected before taking it from an account with an overdraft.  Minutes later the £750 tried the same first bank again (being rejected) and then being taken out of another (the two transactions each going out of a separate account). After coming to the realisation of how on earth someone would have access to all my card details I found the payments were coming out of Paypal to two different accounts. 


I received a text from PayPal asking if the £850 was by me to which I replied no, creating a fraud case for the payment at 21:07. Within around 20 minutes a refund had been issued for the 750 back to me (which I have now received) confusing me even further as to what was going on. By 3:13 am the case for the £850 had been closed and deemed authorised with no further information.


After finding no number for Paypal to call, I started messaging Paypal 23/08 afternoon and received a reply at 6pm 24/08 stating the 750 had been refunded already and that the 850 was authorised.  (I've just sent a lengthy reply explaining everything so waiting for a reply tomorrow for that)


There was a log in via an iPhone 30 mins before all the transactions started and I've never owned an iPhone (own a Samsung) so it's clearly this login that did the transactions. And to add to it, both transactions had the description Camera and I've since found this article stating a Facebook scam, that I know nothing about, that has been including money for a camera purchase.


Where do I stand with Paypal and any ideas on how to dispute this or escalate this with Paypal? Any help would be greatly appreciated!