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Fraudulent Seller Returns to Ebay


Fraudulent Seller Returns to Ebay


1+ year ago I purchased several items, model train related, from an Ebay seller in England.

They had good feedback and a unique product.  The items seemed delayed, even for a trans-Atlantic transaction.

I tried communicating. Assured they would look into it and later offered a refund. I started seeing the negative Feedback show up and then nothing.

Not just me but 37 negatives in final month. Much of it about orders never received.

I ended up getting PayPal to cover item costs, but not S&H fees.  Presumably, a lesson learned.

Currently, there is a different seller, ID started about same time as previous seller last sold. 

This seller has very similar, if not identical, unique items. They have solid feedback - 99.7. (I actually still want the items)

But, the principle that they may have left dozens of buyers orders unfilled and left PayPal to foot their fraudulent activity is higher priority to me.


Question: Where can I find the avenue to report this specific circumstance either on Ebay pr PayPal.


I can report a current case, which this is not. 

I can report a seller but there is no description as to problem. Not 100% sure but very likely the same person.

Figured PayPal would want to investigate to recover 100's of dollars. But don't see this option anywhere.


Any thoughts?


Thanks for any help.