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Fraudulent Customer Claim

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Fraudulent Customer Claim

I shipped out 4 items that were bought from me on eBay back in early August. The items were delivered, and I have all the tracking to prove it. Then the person who bought them claimed it was a fraudulent charge.


If I were to give the customer the benefit of the doubt, I could say his kid might have used his credit card for the purchase, but that does not change the fact that I still shipped all the items, and he waited until after receiving them to make this claim. The other option is obviously that this is just fraud on the part of the customer, plain and simple.


Initially PayPal gave me the money back, because, obviously it is not my fault, and I did everything 100% by the book. But now, suddenly, months later PayPal changed their mind because supposedly this person’s financial institution “said so.” So now I don’t have the items that were ordered, the customer does, and PayPal also took away the money I was paid for them.


I feel like the victim of fraud, and every time I try to call PayPal their phone-robot runs me in a circle and then hangs up.


I just need to find someone who can help with this situation.

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Re: Fraudulent Customer Claim



A chargeback is not a paypal dispute, the buyer did it directly via their credit card as they must have funded their paypal payment via a credit card.

In that case the card issuer and not paypal make all decisions and all paypal can do is pass on any information on your behalf to the card issuer.

If they find in favour of their client then you end up footing the card issuers processing fee as well.

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