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FrauduIent company

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FrauduIent company

Hello- Has anyone ordered what looks like quality, artsy, trendy clothing from this online website- ?! I placed an order- the clothing I received a long month later was nothing like the pictured ads- but super cheap garbage clothing like thrown together Halloween costumes. There is no contact phone, they discourage your returns after delivery and offer 10-25% to try to avoid sending you a return label- you then learn they are in China and returns are at the customers expense... they tell you vustom charges and other fees will be costly. There pictured ads are fake! Their great reviews are fake! They are scammers! is a fraudulent, scamming company! Has anyone else ordered from them?

Re: FrauduIent company

I ordered a LOT of clothes from them around the end of September. I spent over $800 on what looks like really nice clothes. Now, here I am reading all the problems that others have had with this company. I am beyond nervous about the quality of the clothes and IF I will actually get the things that I ordered. I was looking at my order too and there are double items ordered, which I did not do and the sizes of some are wrong. I've sent them an email. Let's see where this ends up, ugh.