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Frauded by

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I woke up on Sunday to find 27 texts from my bank all stating that sums of money had been withdrawn by paypal

It totalled just over  £7000  and after several times speaking to paypal I was told they refused to repay me and stated that the ip adress used was the same for all transactions.I would like to know how I can legally get  my cash back.

This is an obvious fraud and should have been spotted and stopped

I am a 72 year old pensioner and soon will be in money problems if its not sorted out

Can the Police help

Do I use financial ombudsman



Frauded by

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Check you don't have a virus on your computer OR that you haven't clicked on a spoof email and given away your paypal information.

Then read this as paypal don't cover you if they feel it was your responsibility.




You are not entitled to any financial compensation from us as outlined above and you will owe to us (and we may reverse from your account) any compensation you have already received from us if:


Unauthorised payment


We can show that the payment was made because you did not keep your account safe either intentionally or with gross negligence (for instance, you very carelessly chose to share your PayPal ID and/or password/PIN with someone else); or

There was another security /fraud problem and you didn't tell us about it. We will not pay you compensation for any unauthorised payments made from your account before you told us about that problem.

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