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Ordered a realistic dog from company duo t. And the sent a stuff animal for 30 dollars very cheap. I ask for refund and they won't refund until I send to china. I am not paying for shipping. This is a fraud. Do you know how much money it's going take to shop back to China? The return address is in Chinese. Not racist. Just need a readable address. I am going call and see if they sending a label. I want to send it back asap. What could I do or they have trap me in the fraud and they know how play games with the rules to steal it from us and keep it?
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Re: Fraud



Contact customer services and they should supply you with an English version of the address IF its paypal that has said to return it as the result of a claim that you won.

Make sure you send it trackable so that if the seller refuses to refund you can provide that tracking number to paypal to prove delivery of the item back to the seller.


In the event of a dispute you need to bear in mind possible return trackable costs before you buy from that seller / item / country because....

Paypal state this >>
PayPal is not obliged to reimburse you for any costs that you incur to comply with any of PayPal’s requests for cooperation for the purpose of resolving the problem (including, without limitation, costs that you incur to return a SNAD item to the Payment Recipient or another party as PayPal requests), although sometimes it may reimburse these costs.

Although they will compensate you for some of the cost if you have activated this at some point before you made that transaction.

You also have the option to do a chargeback via your card issuer instead of a Paypal dispute if you funded your Paypal payment via a credit card.

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