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On 04-20-2020 I made an online purchase from a retailer, using shopify purporting to sell reborn dolls. I only found out after paypal sent payment to fraudulent seller. Fraudulent seller is called Custom Information Technology Ltd was not from alaska, usa making reborn dolls and was not named desirable life good time doll company, but actually used the name which is also a false business and after researching this business they are a fraudulent business out of beijing, China which also runs under the name of Alibaba Cloud Computing Company ltd., Angel Reborn Doll Company, Reborn Doll Gift Shop and over 30 others. Once I realized I had been scammed, I immediately tried to call their number, one of 5 they offer on 5 different sites with different names then I disputed the charge with paypal which was $119.20 total which paypal already sent to the fraudulent seller. Paypal, after being told the seller was fraudulent refused to refund my money even though only a few hours had passed and the fraudulent seller's emails all bounce back and all their numbers are fraudulent! All phone numbers for the company are registered VOIP numbers in the US and not to their location in china. I also did some online searches and found the business to be fraudulent as well as numerous BBB complaints. Most complaints suggested they also used Paypal for payment and that all had issues with Paypal making refund. I tried to initiate a compliant thru Paypal hours after the purchase through resolution center to avoid loss and harm and they refused to refund me. Paypal has been aware that this retailer has been using their service improperly and perhaps fraudulently for six months or longer. They had not shut-down the seller nor expedited the complaints and ask for refund. Had I been able to speak with someone at Paypal, and expedite the claim, then perhaps I could have received a refund. Unfortunately Paypal makes any complaint cumbersome to initiate and immediately refused my refund. Paypal receives remuneration from the seller and its rules favor the seller even when clearly consistent complaints and possible fraud should have been detected. Its impossible to chat, contact, add supporting documents, or get additional assistance thru email from Paypal. Had Paypal took the responsibility to review the business information, and done further due diligence on this fradulent seller and their fradulent website(s), others would not have been taken advantage and neither would I. Paypal has an obligation to protect a consumer and not immediately refuse to refund money when they knew the seller was fradulent when they are given proof!

Consumer fraud according to the FTC is commonly defined as deceptive business practices that cause consumers to suffer financial or other losses. The victims believe they are participating in a legal and valid business transaction when they are actually being defrauded. Fraud against consumers is often related to false promises or inaccurate claims made to consumers, as well as practices that directly cheat consumers out of their money (this including payment processing services who refuse to honor fraud protection policies – email from Wilson and Strawn, Attorneys at law.


The money was taken directly out of my paypal cash account and I demand a refund of $119.20 that paypal refused me when I notified them of the fraud in the resolution center. They just sided with a fraudulent seller, knowing they were fradulent and I want my money back immediately! I am not paying for something I will never recieve because the company I purchased it from, who paypal allowed to use their service to help perpetrate the fraud with, does not exist!!! And then they refuse to answer the phone, answer facebook messages and block you on facebook for posting a negative review in direct violation of the Consumer Protection Law under the Federal Trade Commission Act when I sought help from them!

Transaction ID: 9G136501C0845444W Paypal resolution center Case ID: PP-I-9331937

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Re: Fraud

I too have been scammed by these same ppl. Shame on you PayPal

Re: Fraud

This same thing has happened to me. $115 I paid for a reborn doll in 26th April. The ‘doll’ arrived and it was a cheap plastic pound shop doll. I had weeks of endless calls & emails until eventually PayPal insisted I sent the doll back, at my cost, to China !! £19.75 it cost me to send it back & weeks later the seller denied receiving it & PayPal awarded in their favour so I was over £120 out of pocket by these scammers. I had sent the return as special recorded delivery so it was insured so I raised a claim with Royal Mail. They have since investigated and the parcel was delivered & signed for by the seller on the 22nd June yet PayPal still have not done anything, does the seller have PayPal in their pocket ?

Re: Fraud

Aug 26, 2020 15:42:34 PDT
Transaction ID: 62M245260X3106418 


Hello Elizabeth <removed>,

You sent a payment of $197.73 USD to Custom Information Technology CO. LTD (email removed)
on 8-27-20


Well, within 2 hours of placing this order I realized it was a scam group and started researching both the website and the Chinese (obviously) company behind the scamming site:  Custom Information Technology CO. LTD  


I called Paypal directly and disputed the charge, wanting a full refund immediately.  a "case" was opened for me, to determine if "fraud" had occurred.

Several hours later, Paypal had somehow already "reviewed my case" and decided (magically) that the charges were valid.  The order was placed at 19:42 CST (7:40 PM) and was Order Order shopiJcl-1757 on the website.

Paypal wrote back approximately 3 hours later:


Case update: PP-I-11121939

Sent: Wed 8/26/2020 11:15 PM

An update about your case

We've completed our review of your unauthorized activity case, and we’ve determined there was no unauthorized use.

Based on our review, we found this transaction is consistent with your PayPal payment history.

For more information about these cases, log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center.

You may request a copy of the documents we used in determining the final outcome of the investigation. If you would like to request copies of the documents or have further questions, please email claim appeal department. (email removed)


I wrote back:


To Whom It May Concern at Paypal:


I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and will NOT HESITATE to get a lawyer involved (if necessary) and I will also be reporting this to the Federal Government, which has a division in place to go after scammers trying to take advantage of scarcity secondary to COVID 19.  There were severe shortages in gardening supplies, seeds, etc. this past Spring as people made runs on toilet paper and gardening supplies online. Now, a new shortage is occurring which Fleet Farm reported to me is a “nationwide shortage in canning supplies” and lo and behold who shows up with a brand new web domain called selling canning lids and other canning supplies in bulk to people desperate to be able to put up their fall garden harvests (food for their families) before all that food they have grown goes bad??  Custom Information Technology CO. Ltd. that’s who. Canning supplies have disappeared from most retail stores  in Minnesota and we have spent HOURS calling around about this here.  I will be happy to report this to the scamming division President Trump has put in place.  This is a Chinese company scamming Americans through Paypal and President Trump will NOT support that…..and Paypal will be implicated.  Mainly because it is obvious that Paypal has some interest in supporting the scammers…probably financial.  Unfortunately, the scammers are obviously Chinese.  Even worse for Paypal.  I seriously suggest you not ONLY see that my money is left alone and my order cancelled but also that Paypal look directly into refunding everyone else who has been scammed previously.  This is great fodder for a Class Action lawsuit.  I will attempt to block the charge of $197.73  at my bank in the morning….I hope they will be able to block it.  I doubt I will ever see merchandise from this scamming  organization…many people are getting scammed online right now by fraudulent sellers of canning jars, lids, and so on and there are notices up all over the web about this.  It was my mistake to place the order, and it is my right to cancel it. Luckily I found out within two hours of placing the order that this organization is nothing but a scam operation.  I found out by Googling the name of the website and the name of the company that took my money thru Paypal.  The web domain was created 9 DAYS AGO.  There is no further record of the website at this point because it is so NEW.  As for Custom Information Technology CO. Ltd., they have NO RATING with the Better Business Bureau and  there are post after post complaining about how this “company” has scammed American after American THRU PAYPAL..apparently WITH PAYPAL’s blessing??!! Now they are scamming me….and I am a disabled 62 year old grandma who walks with a walker, dependent on a wheelchair, and I just want to be able to put up the food I have worked all summer with my spouse to grow in our garden.  Taking this kind of advantage of an older disabled senior citizen is not right and not going to stand!!!


Now...that being said, you need to review my case again….and DO THE RIGHT THING.  In future Paypal had better more seriously evaluate the “business people” applying for Paypal seller accounts.  This company is so shady they don’t even offer payment thru major credit cards (VISA MASTERCARD Etc.) ONLY Paypal.  Why?  Because ONLY Paypal will protect them and assure that they they get the money out of the people they are scamming.  I am, with this email, formally requesting a FULL APPEAL of your first decision, issued within hours of my initial request re: suspected FRAUD, and I hope you reconsider other Paypal users who have been scammed as well.  In the meantime, I will be contacting the FTC, the Washington Commission for investigation into scammers taking advantage of the American people, and finding an attorney interested in investigating Paypal and Paypal policies and practices more closely.


Sincerely, Elizabeth <removed>