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Hi, I sold a Rolex Tudor wristwatch through eBay in March, 2018. I shipped the watch and a couple hours after delivery, I was made aware that the buyer had filed a claim with his card company stating that a duplicate payment had been made and PayPal put a hold on approximately $780 on my account which caused me to have overdraft issues with my back. After 3 days and many hours on phone with eBay and PayPal all agreed that no such duplicate payment had been made and I was credited back for the amount of my sale. Tonight , i had about $250 in PayPal and I logged in to transfer funds for rent on a storage unit only to find a $560 or so negative balance. I called PayPal to find out what the he'll was going on. PayPal informed me that the card company for the buyer of my watch had sided against PayPal submittal in my defend, although I was copied on nothing. Without notice the bsckcharge has devastated my current finances as I am 71 and retired. After talking to two people, I was told there was nothing PayPal could or would do. So again, eBay states there was,no duplicate payment, PayPal acknowledges that they received no duplicate payment from ebay. I have received no documentation of any submittal from PayPal in my behalf. I received no notice of today's decision. How can this happen in this country ?? Please help me as PayPal doesn't seem interested. I was told tonight that there was no one else with PayPal I could talk to. It looks like I am to be the only victim of this fraudulent action.


Re: Fraud

you are not alone buddy, me i sold bitcoin to a buyer and the buyer paid with vanillacard (US prepaid mastercard), its not 1 times negative balance, i got twice negative balance, 1 from paypal system, 2nd from i dont know who, based on the buyer said, he didnt dispute.

paypal doesnt give protection to the seller!! the 1st chargebacked by paypal system already solved, know paypal said the buyer dispute the credit card, and now the payment put on hold again so my balance become negative again.

and now i lose my bitcoin and lose my money! how can this be so fair??

how can you burden the seller with 3rd party? so buyer is every thing? just buy something and dispute then the seller need to pay for the damage?