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Was scammed by a Facebook ad selling speaker's, didn't realize till after the purchase when I decided to reaserch the product. The payment was through PayPal but not linked to my account... I have a recite but no way to dispute as it doesn't show in my account. I'm sure the scammer is aware of PayPal methods for reporting a scam and have found the loophole. I tried email PayPal and simply get stuck in an automated loop telling me to report it through my account which I can't as it's not on my account. First time I've been scammed and I'm feeling like the system's in place actually help the scammer more than the customer being scammed.


Re: Fraud

Hello @Brad64,


Thank you for visiting our Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear a recent transaction didn't quite go as planned. Our Customer Support teams can help you open that dispute. You can reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Call Us at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message. 


Best Wishes,


 - Jon K

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