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I was selling an item on gumtree when this morning I got a text saying they would like to purchase this item. Told me to make an request on PayPal to send the funds, I got confirmations to who I thought was PayPal, everything seemed legit until I rang PayPal and ask how long it would take for the pending funds to enter my account and they said that the customer had never actually sent me the funds in the first place, and all the emails I had were fraudulent and to contact the fraud police ASAP as I had already sent the parcel to to customer as he had assured me the funds were there and by the emails, I never batted an eyelid.. I was on hold to the fraud police for half an hour so decided I wasn’t gonna get anywhere anytime soon, so I rang the local postal sorting office they said they hadn’t had a delivery yet and my parcel should still be at the post office that I originally posted it at. I went there and they told me they could not give it to me as it was special delivery and advised me to go to the local police station which ended up being a complete waste of time too and told me that they don’t have time to chase around my parcel, no matter how valuable it is or meaningful. He wasn’t bothered in the slightest, now I’m not sure what to do if there is another option I could take now? As I’m really annoyed I have lost out on profits. 😞 maybe there isn’t anything that can be done but I have all valid printscreens and evidence of what has happened, but have no clue on what to do next.
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Sadly nothing to do with paypal as none of the transaction was done using paypals site.   Smiley Sad

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I do not work for Paypal.