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Fraud or hacking attempt in receiving money?

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Fraud or hacking attempt in receiving money?


I an artist (painter) and someone wanted me to send a painting to Arizona. He contacted me via instagram. We agreed on the price and he asked paypal payment. It's been a while since I have used paypal (like years) and it used to be via email address. Anyway, I gave my email and then he send me a picture where paypal asked for a code. This code was sent to my mobile phone. I gave it to him. I was however feeling uneasy and kept my paypal open. I suddenly couldn't get in anylonger. I changed my passwords 3 times quickly. I asked for his email to send a payment link but no reply.

Was this hacking? Is my info in danger? Does paypal ever ask a code when receiving money? 

Thank you for your insight.

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Re: Fraud or hacking attempt in receiving money?



Think you were scammed, the code is to make sure you are making the payment and not someone else, if you gave it to him then you allowed him access to your account.

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