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Fraud, no delivery and denied by PayPal

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My package was scheduled to deliver today, Aug 28th. There was no pkg delivered.  I tracked the pkg on USPS and it says it delivered yesterday at 2:04 pm. There was NO pkg delivered yesterday or today. I have multiple security cameras at the entrance of my driveway, on my garage door where it shows the entire driveway and sidewalk to front door AND another showing the sidewalk and porch. I have reviewed the camera videos and confirmed NO PKG WAS DELIVERED TODAY OR YESTERDAY! I was home all day both days! ALL DAY!! In addition we have dogs that can hear a pin drop and rush to the door barking. Again, I have searched for the website, clicked on the original link of the item I purchased and the site no longer exists.  I have a previous claim open on this that is still under review but was unable to add this info so I created a new claim.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. I would like a refund. This not only is frustrating and irritating but it also caused a HUGE inconvenience. I expected this pkg today as it was a tent I needed to go camping this weekend.  Please let me know how this can be resolved quickly. Also, is there a way to charge this fraudulent person for the expenses I have already paid for our camping trip and may now have to forfe it since I DON'T HAVE THE TENT!! THANK YOU! Kristy <removed>Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android Show more

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