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Fraud and poor customer service

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Fraud and poor customer service

Last month I had 6 fraudulent purchases on my account that totaled to about $500. Someone had taken my debit and run it through a paypal charge system. After sitting with a service rep for a 30-40 minutes he told me that my money would be back in my account within 2 weeks. 4 weeks later and no sign of the money. I call up support once more and find out that my claim had been filed incorrectly and had "timed out". Paypal did not notify me of any of this. The 2nd customer service rep assures me that before I'm off the phone he can offer me a credit to my account and I'm put on hold. When he returns he tells me that he is unable to refund my money or give me a credit of any kind. I ask him if there is anything paypal can do for me after their negligence and he says that that is not possible as well. I ask him to close my paypal account and says he can't because of pending transactions, but when I check my account there has been no activity for a few days so this is obviously a lie. I've really had it with paypal. You don't respect your customers and you wasted my time and money.  If you make a mistake you should at least try to fix the situation instead of having me spend another 4 weeks waiting for my bank to refund to my account. Paypal doesn't care about keeping me as a customer. 

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Re: Fraud and poor customer service



You may have had pending transactions as paypal credit the seller for you when you buy items and then paypal waits for the transfer of funds to complete.


OR you may have some linked in here..........


Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments''.


If the fraud was committed on your debit card then contact your card issuer and see if they can help.

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